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Alcom Oil Services Co​

Since 2012 Alcom Oil Services is an established leader in the Libyan Oil & Gas Industries; because it is highly focused on delivering and developing premium quality services and projects


Alcom Oil Services (AOS):  Engaged in every aspect of the Oil & Gas industry which includes drilling, oil well completion services, Procurement, Electro-mechanical works, Piping, Transportation, Manpower Supply, Logistic Services and civil engineering where we provide a range of chemical, engineering and technology solutions to assist in hydrocarbon recovery. We also provide various services to the process industry sectors including the provision of a range of piping solutions for petrochemical plants. A high degree of experience in the areas of Turnkey Fluid handling plus projects in Irrigation, Power Generation, Process Engineering, Water Transmission Supply and Sewage Treatment entails that the ALCOM OIL SERVICES has a wide and diversified range of business interests

The company started with the philosophy of starting and completing the projects in accordance with International Standards & Specifications to the satisfaction of our valued clients. This philosophy has been maintained since the establishment of the company that earned for itself the trust and confidence of our clients

To maintain credibility and trust with our clients, we engaged the services of our fully experienced Engineers, Supervisors and Craftsmen who will ensure the highest standards of performance in every aspect of our project and maintain work quality in accordance with international Standards and practices. We are greatly proud of presenting our prequalification statements and we hope that we could establish with our good selves a better working relations and cooperation in the near future

As a proud Libyan private Company with an international platform the company is set to expand its range of business operations throughout the globe

About AOS


We value the philosophy of starting and completing projects on time and on budget with highest standards in safety and quality for the satisfaction of our valued clients


Alcom Oil Services (AOS) is the World Partner in Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operation and Maintenance. On our mission, Alcom Oil Services searched people worldwide to provide clients with experienced specialists. Alcom Oil Services ensure that workers perform at highest industrial safety and quality standards


You Dream We Build, Operate and Maintain. We envision Alcom Oil Services to expand capabilities in Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operation and Maintenance worldwide. If it has to be built, operated, and maintained, we at Alcom Oil Services will work it for you ​

Message from Chairman

Alcom Oil Services prides itself in our dedication and commitment to Libya and as such to bring premier companies from around the world to work in conjunction with the goals and guidelines established by the Libyan Government and Major Business Organizations operating in Libya. This is coupled by the fact that AOS has a focus on oil sector and the industrial base in Libya and thereby doing its part in assisting Libya to become more self-sufficient. The establishment of Alcom was in response to the economic opportunities within Libya fueled by the growing national and international market demands for its Oil & Gas products and services. The overall environment in which we operate has rarely been as favorable as it is today, given the high growth prospects which exist in the targeted markets in which AOS retains a clear-cut competitive advantage. Alcom Oil Com is deeply rooted in Libya. As such all our personnel are led by a very professional management team which possess a thorough understanding of the local culture, and are able to recognize, and draw fully from local strengths and skills. AOS adheres to strict financial and operational control that it applies to all ventures. Thus, we are often ideal partners for business initiatives, and have frequently set up joint ventures in Libya. We create value through sharing knowledge, innovation and best practice. We conduct our business based on enduring relationships, trust, honesty, integrity, fairness and perseverance. We provide the best Oil & Gas industrial solutions for our clients’ needs and ultimately create shareholder value. We are proud of our success story - a proof of our fair dedication of qualified resources to all our partners and business associates

Ali Shaban

Alcom services

Logistic Services

Our capabilities and expertise cover a wide range of logistics services

AOS has strong experience the in identification of the best solutions and the development of logistics management to serve our clients in the following missions

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Training Services

Our vision​

AOS’s Training department’s vision is to be a regional leader in providing

professional training and development courses for Oil & Gas Industries.

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Material Procurement

Our vision
AOS’s Oil & Gas Materials Supply unit’s vision is to become a leading distributor of world’s most recognized brands for Oil & Gas Materials
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Manpower Supply

AOS provides manpower supply services from overseas highly trained and professional workforce such as Professional Staff/Consultant, Supervisors, Engineers, Drilling Specialist, HSE, Technicians and Highly Skilled workers to ensure that clients performance in every project is in accidence with the International Standards and Practices

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Design & Engineering

AOS strives to provide world class Design and Engineering Services that add value to the individual processes, complex operations, and entire project

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Maintenance Services

AOS uses professional personnel; proven, flexible procedures; and advanced systems to execute only optimum solutions for its simple to complex projects

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Oil & Gas Services

As a leader in the industry, AOS is focused on providing high-quality, timely and cost-effective services in a safe operating environment. AOS is committed to working with our clients in the industry, while providing its customers total service quality and satisfaction. AOS is a fully ethically-oriented company that will not sacrifice quality, health, safety or environmental principles for commercial profit or equipment availability.

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Our Policies

  • AOS has established wide range of policies and procedures to minimize industrial hazards while protecting lives of AOS’s workforce and citizen


Alcom oil Service Company’s priority is to protect the health and safety of each team member, the environment we operate in, and all the stakeholders engaged in our operations. We are committed to creating a culture that emphasizes personal safety, environmental protection, quality, and compliance. We will endeavor to always improve by being an organization that learns, grows, and adapts. We will strive to achieve a zero incident culture that protects our team from harm, minimizes risk, eliminates environmental damage, and operates with excellence




We get results by taking ownership of our work and setting clear standards to deliver cost-effective services while protecting personnel and limiting our environmental impact.

AOS is committed to the following three principles.

  • To continuously improve our core services and work processes to achieve client satisfaction.
  • To adhere to our Quality Management System while incorporating all client requirements and expectations into scope-specific quality plans that deliver safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.
  • To ensure our personnel remains job ready through skills training, assessment, and personal development.


To achieve this commitment, all AOS Employees and Contractors will

  • Engage frequently as leaders to drive constant vigilance in Health, Safety and Environment.
  • Strive to achieve a Zero Incident Culture.
  • Be vigilant in pre-planning work to identify and mitigate safety issues.
  • Work safely and “Stop the Job” as an expectation and condition of employment.
  • Own safety. Understand that each person is responsible for the safety of those around them.
  • Uphold the expectations and requirements of the AOS HSE Management System.
  • Meet and exceed customer driven requirements and expectations.
  • Protect our team members and the environment from harm or hazard through diligent adherence to Policies, Processes, and Best Practices. Actively audit, develop, and revise to continually improve.
  • Set ambitious HSE performance goals, track results effectively, assess performance, and constantly progress as individuals and as an organization.
  • Have honest, transparent, and respectful conversations that facilitate continuous improvement and accountability.
  • Create a culture of open communication where all employees can speak openly and without concern of retaliation.

This policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure applicability and sustainability. AOS’s success relies on the commitment of each team member to this policy, as well as our fundamental duty to comply with AOS’s Standards and all laws and regulations. This can only be achieved through every team member’s commitment and dedication to creating and continuously improving a safe work environment.

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Alcom Oil Services is an established organization in Libya. We are focused on improving Libyan economy  by signing and completing core projects in the industry while creating attractive jobs for talented work force



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