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Manpower Supply

AOS provides manpower supply services from overseas highly trained and professional workforce such as Professional Staff/Consultant, Supervisors, Engineers, Drilling Specialist, HSE, Technicians and Highly Skilled workers to ensure that clients performance in every project is in accidence with the International Standards and Practices.


Our Mission

AOS’s Manpower Supply Unit’s mission is to lead in the creation and delivery of highly talented, experienced and innovative workforce solutions or services in the Oil & Gas Industries that enable its clients to succeed in the changing competitive world.

Our Objectives

To properly execute its strategic mission and achieve desired strategic vision AOS’s Manpower Supply Unit’s plans to adhere its core activities to following carefully crafted objectives:

Develop and reinforce the need for competitive compensation to attract and retain top talent for the Oil & Gas Industries.

Research for growing demand in Oil & Gas industries for specific workforce skills and invest in professional development programs designed to im- prove job skills, leadership capabilities and employee productivity.

Educate employees about the importance of self-awareness; self-care and behavioral change in improving wellness and productivity to enable orga- nizations achieve operational excellence in the industry.

Our Values

People• Knowledge



Our Manpower is well selected from around the world and supplied according to job description requirements with high standards complying with the Oil and Gas industries levels. 

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Alcom Oil Services is an established organization in Libya. We are focused on improving Libyan economy  by signing and completing core projects in the industry while creating attractive jobs for talented work force


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