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From processing to pipeline, engineering to operations, AOS has proven industry

experience to help manage the talent required to execute on your midstream

assets. As a trusted advisor and emerging leader in the industry, we can help you

tackle your operational challenges by improving your workforce.AOS can provide

the highest quality, business relevant programs that span all technical processes,

and give management assurance that they have the skilled people they need to

maximize asset value. It offer added value to employees via new, broad-reaching

courses that fill gaps, and deliver the ability to perform and be able to prove it.

AOS has processes, tools, and people to create a holistic workforce development

plan for your engineers, operators, and technicians. It offers industry approved

course material delivered through instructor led training modules. with a strong

and proven petroleum industry’s knowledge our experts will work with you to

develop structured accelerated learning programs for your organization

AOS considers sale as the essential component for the success of our company,

that’s why we define our objectives to achieve our strategic goals by:

• To ensure that the skills, ability and potential of all our trainers developed

and up to date.

• To continually improve the quality of human resources through continuous

training & development based on industry proven experience and

contemporary knowledge to support Oil & Gas industries.

• To support our staff to develop their skills and abilities and reach their

potential and in doing so improve the effectiveness of the organization

and the quality of the service we provide

AOS’s mission is to build competent professionals for Oil & Gas Industries by delivering

learning and development base on industrial proven experience and contemporary


AOS’s Training department’s vision is to be a regional leader in providing

professional training and development courses for Oil & Gas Industries.

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Alcom Oil Services is an established organization in Libya. We are focused on improving Libyan economy  by signing and completing core projects in the industry while creating attractive jobs for talented work force


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